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Use the world’s most comprehensive real estate services platform to find innovative solutions for your specific needs as a corporate occupier or office investor.


Office Services for Occupiers:

Unlock value by improving productivity and optimising office locations, portfolios, ownership, and capital structures with our holistic solutions for workplace performance, talent attraction and retention, and cost reduction. Our global technology platform connects office professionals from all over the world who use market insight and experience to deliver strong outcomes for local, national, and global occupiers.

Office Services for Investors:

With an approach that spans property sales, debt and structured finance, investment banking, valuation and advisory, property management, landlord leasing and project management solutions, we serve office properties—suburban offices, iconic high-rises, and everything in between—in all major markets.

Business areas


  • Fabio Mantegazza

    Head of A&T Italy

    Photo of Fabio Mantegazza
  • Luca Bernardis

    Head of Office Investment Properties

    Photo of Luca Bernardis
  • Massimiliano Eusepi

    Head of Advisory & Transaction Services Office Rome

    Photo of Massimiliano Eusepi
  • Alberto Cominelli

    Head of Project Management and Building Consultancy Italy

    Photo of Alberto Cominelli
  • Alessandra Finazzi

    Head of Property Management Office & Logistics

    Photo of Alessandra Finazzi
  • Davide Cattarin

    Managing Director, Valuation & Advisory Services

    Photo of Davide Cattarin
  • Martina Muehlhofer

    Head of Capital Advisors

    Photo of Martina Muehlhofer
  • Gianluca Padula

    Head of Sustainability

    Photo of Gianluca Padula
  • Federica Pedroni

    Head of Workplace Italy

    Photo of Federica Pedroni
  • Francesca Minola

    Director, Technical Due Diligence

    Photo of Francesca Minola
  • Rosaria Attubato

    Resi PM Leader

    Photo of Rosaria Attubato
  • Alberto Devilla

    Business Unit Director, GWS

    Photo of Alberto Devilla