With the achievement of the WELL GOLD certification, CBRE’s Milan office is officially the healthiest in Italy: it's the first space with the GOLD rating in the "New and existing interiors" category. The certification singles out offices where the design and development is focused on comfort of people living the space. The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) defines parameters and analyses the impact of a built environment on the behaviour and the well-being of its occupiers through 10 concepts.

To achieve this rating, CBRE has implemented several initiatives for each concept.

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Every day we breathe around 3,000 gallons of air. In CBRE’s office air is monitored on a regular basis to ensure its quality and the absence of any component harmful to the health of humans and other living beings (such as VOC, inorganic compounds), along with the initial mandatory absence of substances that have been classified as possible carcinogens (such as asbestos and lead). CBRE monitors ventilation systems to verify and manage any formation of mold. Relative humidity is always kept at an optimal level, considering external conditions. Walls are painted with graphene technology, capable of absorbing CO2. Materials and surface finishing have a limited amount of VOC. CBRE uses only cleaning products EcoLabel certified and vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters.


We need more than two litres of water daily. CBRE monitors on a regular basis the quality of water provided in the office to ensure the absence of organic and inorganic contaminants and promotes proper hydration through water dispensers easily accessible to employees, at no more than 15 meters from each desk.


Electric lighting can alter our circadian rhythm by pushing back bedtimes. That’s why lighting inside CBRE’s Milan office follows our internal clock. Each desk is at no more than 7.5 meters from a window side street and are arranged at an angle of 20° perpendicular to the plane of the nearest window, to minimise the glare caused by sunlight. Monitors are adjustable and vari-angle to help minimising light reflections.

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A proper nourishment is essential for human well-being.  CBRE provides employees with free seasonable fruit every day instead of snacks and junky food. The Rise Bar inside the office offers only healthy food & beverage, with a low level of sugar and no partially hydrogenated oil. Allergens are clearly shown on packaging, menus and electronic devices. Packaging also reports the total calories, macronutrient, the quantity of sugar, the presence of artificial substances (such as artificial colours or flavours). On the terrace, CBRE grows organic plants and herbs inside a little furnished garden.


A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy! CBRE promotes physical activity through the layout of its spaces: each desk is height-adjustable and allows to work standing. The office also has bicycle-desks, a ping pong table and a table football. CBRE fosters movement also promoting the use of the stairs instead of elevators, provides its employees with economical facilities and discounts at several gyms, contributes economically to public transport passes, offers shower areas, a bike sharing service and bike racks inside the building.


We need the proper comfort to work well: CBRE monitors temperature and humidity to ensure the well-being of people living the spaces. Each workstation is fully adjustable (desks, chairs, monitors) to ensure maximum comfort and an optimal posture for everyone, both sitting or standing.


Well-being is not only physical, is also mental! CBRE offers to its employees a Wellness Room where they can relax by isolating themselves from the surrounding environment, using chromo and music therapy. Colours of the office foster a sense of well-being and stimulate creativity; spaces are full of plants and plant walls to reduce stress by 10%. CBRE also has a library with many titles about wellness, well-being, healthy nutrition and mindfulness.


Concentration is hard without the proper acoustic comfort: CBRE has reduced reverberation and background noises through surface and false ceiling finishing, furniture and acoustic panels. Spaces are constantly monitored to ensure that maximum level noise is never exceeded, both in the open space and inside meeting rooms.


CBRE has reduced the exposure to hazardous building materials promoting safer replacements. Surface finishing doesn’t contain toxic glue and has a high percentage of recycled materials. Walls are painted with graphene technology, capable of absorbing CO2.


CBRE has implemented People Care policies and strategies following the WELL criteria: the company promotes well-being and healthy nutrition, the workplace design has a great role on physical, emotional and mental health and the environment is accessible, comfortable and safe. CBRE employees have access to medical services (medical examinations, health prevention systems, insurance policies) and, thanks to the diversity and inclusion strategies, can feel part of the company community, be actively involved and bring out their ideas and talents inside a space based on equity and equality.

Do you want to know how to have a WELL office?


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