High visitor frequency and long duration of stay. Promoting and marketing your shopping center is vital to its success. There is an enormous breadth of shopping possibilities for consumers. As such, they need to be seduced into visiting your particular center. Preferably, as frequently and as long as possible.

Our marketing managers are firmly grounded in the field. Together with retailers, trend watchers, and our center managers, they help you determine a suitable marketing strategy and fitting promotional activity. We assess the preferences of the end-users in your service area and based on their feedback, draw up a tailor-made plan to ensure the success and liveliness of your shopping center. We work closely with selected ad agencies and carefully coordinate and evaluate your promotional plans every step of the way.

Higher spending habits keep tenants happy. In order to create an effective and original promotion we closely involve all stakeholders: our management team, our marketing managers, the retailers and of course, you the owner. If we use an apt and creative promotional mix of actions, activities and media we will appeal to the right audience. This not only translates into a higher number of visitors; it also directly leads to higher spending patterns.

We have been developing high profile and successful actions for over two decades and you can benefit our accumulated experience. You will also profit from the treasure trove of knowledge and best practices we exchange with our international colleagues. Marketing your shopping center is our speciality. And a successful campaign will contribute to increased tenant satisfaction.

  • Online and offline media strategy
  • Branding and repositioning your shopping centers, image campaigns
  • Researching which variables make a shopping center appealing to customers
  • Fine-tuned promotional actions, guerilla actions, shopping center design and decoration, events, etc.