Technical Division is a GWS brand new division that operate in technical services, systems design and maintenance.

Whether the Client is a private business or a public administration, our Technical Division provides targeted solutions for each and every complementary service needed for the best interest of the business, thanks to our widespread presence in the area, the highest degree of competence and professionalism of our resources.
Increased quality, reduced cost, and risk mitigation are guaranteed, because we self-perform these technical services, rather than outsourcing. CBRE self-performs technical services in more locations than any other provider.

Maintenance services

Technical Division provides ordinary and extraordinary tech-system maintenance services for the best all-round management of the building. Whether it is offices, retail properties, laboratories or data centres, well-managed workplaces allow businesses to raise goals and quality, strengthen the brand image and employees’ involvement.

Our services include various types of maintenance:
Building System
Special Systems
HVAC Systems
Electrical Systems
Fire prevention

Engineering services

Our team is also invested in integrated design and production of installations and automation systems. We follow through each phase of the process – starting from the information collection to plant start-up and operation, identifying the best possible materials and technologies – keeping in mind Client’s needs, the utmost respect for the environment and sector regulations.

We guarantee our expertise, professionalism and competence in developing:
Building automation systems
Healthcare, pharmaceutical and chemical plants
Special and security systems
Electrical panels for the distribution and control of energy
Energy production plants from renewable sources
Energy conversion plants

Special services

Technical Division also specialises in the creation of innovative plant solutions that fulfil the commitment to reduce environmental impact thanks to its ability to design and construct renewable energy production plants such as photo-voltaic, bio-gas and solar thermal.

Technology solutions

We handle software and IT solutions that allow to collect, centralise and aggregate data for the management of projects, real estate, facilities and maintenance.

Validation division

Our Validation team proposes and carries out methodical and thorough maintenance, checking and monitoring production parameters granting the ability to vet the process over time.

Our experts are trained to perform certifications and to redact validation protocols for the pharmaceutical sector, in which every single step of the production process must be verified and analysed in order to find any critical issues and introduce the required adjustments.