Adaptive Spaces

Italy Office Occupier Sentiment Survey

Transforming to Meet the Future of Work

June 29, 2023



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CBRE’s Italy Office Occupier Sentiment Survey investigates the intentions of companies in relation to their offices. In particular, the survey aims to deepen understanding of the current and future demand for space, workplace strategies and the characteristics of future offices within the Italian landscape, comparing it with the European outlook (European Office Occupier Sentiment Survey 2023).

The outbreak of the pandemic and the spread of digitalisation processes significantly accelerated the transformation of working practices.

Now, a few years later, trends have stabilised and occupier strategies are becoming clearer. CBRE’s Italy Office Occupier Sentiment Survey has identified some major trends. Firstly, the key word is “flexibility”. Today, the way we work is becoming increasingly diverse depending on the employee’s role, the team structure and the company culture.
The workplace is seen as an environment that can foster the development of a corporate identity, or where productivity can be increased by maximising interaction among colleagues. The office of the future is therefore becoming increasingly adaptable, with special collaboration spaces that are instrumental to both team needs and employee well-being. 

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